Dear Mr. Thorsteinson:

More than 10 years have elapsed since we took possession of our home in February 2001, and we thought we would be remiss if we did not share with you our continuing appreciation for the quality home built by Parkhill Homes Ltd.

We want you to be aware, that as the years pass, we realize the quality and craftsmanship you incorporated in our home has served us well. We are proud to report that our home is still in showroom condition without the requirement for any major or even minor repairs as we might expect for a 10 year old structure.

Congratulations to you and your sub-trades for delivering such an outstanding product.

We will continue, as in the past number of years, to proudly recommend Parkhill Homes Ltd. as a QUALITY BUILDER.

Best Wishes for the well deserved future success of your firm.
Regards: Mr. & Mr.s P

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